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From sample development to sample confirmation, we keep a record of each type of sample, all samples will be kept as a base sample, and we have our own inspection report for the whole production process. The completion of each work and all progress will be updated in real time. This will ensure that no matter what the problem, we can be the first time to report to the customer and the fastest solution. To ensure on-time delivery.

After the confirmation of samples, we will have special personnel responsible for recording, sample retention, comparison, video recording and uploading to the company cloud system from raw materials to the factory, final confirmation of pre-production samples, compounding, cutting, sewing, packaging, delivery and other processes. Customers can view the relevant documents through our system at any time.

Production sewing process is the focus of the product is also the most prone to problems, we will have a senior inspection person in charge, sampling inspection, the proportion of about 60%-80%. (The focus of this inspection is to test the meticulousness of the worker's hand, whether the stitching line is clean, the content and position of the auxiliary materials such as the composition label, the PO label, the middle and bottom label, and whether it is accurate. Inspect shoes for breakage, etc.).

After the end of production, before packaging, we will check again in advance to confirm whether the information of packaging accessories is accurate. During the packaging process, we will also randomly test the integrity and accuracy of the packaging, and the sampling test ratio is about 50%.

After all the packaging is finished, the goods are ready to be shipped, and we will randomly select the whole box of goods for inspection, and the inspection proportion is about 20%. (The focus of this inspection is to check whether the ratio of packing is accurate, whether the information of the box label is accurate, and can be repeated inspection of single and double independent packaging to check the gaps) to ensure the quality of the bulk goods.

Our work is strict, professional and careful. Product quality assurance, timely delivery. There are perfect pre-sales service and after-sales service. If there is a problem, solve it at the first time. Never put off.



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