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    Professional innovative design

    • Every year, we will group to the fabric market to seek new fabrics, and in the first time to develop and design new directional recommend to customers;

    • Dedicated to our many proofing technical masters, can only get customer design inspiration, complete the design and coordination of auxiliary materials, new products from the design drawing to the first version of the physical sample is generally 3 days.

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    Professional sales & Quick response:

    • We regard customers as our partners and their own success is highly important to us.

    • Based on this value, we are always innovating to adapt our products to the changing market trends as well as customers' requirements, meeting the strictest expectations.

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    Reliable logistics & Rapid delivery:

    • The punctual delivery of ordered goods is very important to maintaining the pleasant business with our customers.

    • We therefore attach great importance to meeting your instant needs on delivery time.

    • For the strictly planed producing schedule guarantees the goods being manufactured as per agreed delivery time.

    • What´s more, located near to Qingdao Port, which is one of the biggest Port in China, saves much time and makes Homstick delivery most convenient.

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    Protect the environment:

    • Our warehouse produces a large amount of inventory materials every year, so we have developed a plan.

    • Every year, we will use these stock materials to design and produce a batch of off-the-shelf shoes for the market.

    • Although the quantity of these shoes is limited for each style, they are well recognized by our customers because of their good quality and low price.

    • Due to the limited availability of fabrics, many customers book our stock shoes in advance.

    • This move greatly protects the environment and eliminates waste.

    • At the same time, it also allows consumers with low incomes to obtain high-quality shoes.


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